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I heart Monday.

June 30, 2008

I still heart these shoes.  I got them way back in March and my love for them continues…definitely my favorite pair.

I heart this photograph.
I heart watching my tiny plants grow (shocking!  because I never thought I would.).

I heart this pillow.

I heart my little collection.

I heart these pins.

I heart this idea so much (Thank you Tyler!).

I heart this rug (via Little Willow).

I heart these bloomers and these “pebbles and pods.”

I heart this bracelet…and the lovely designer, one of my new blog favorites!

I heart these umbrella bowls (via Greedy Girl).

Wordless Weekend: Sunday

June 30, 2008

Too Wonderful for Wordless

June 29, 2008

We went here again on Saturday.  Once again, I decided that I needed to head home, pack up, grab Mr. French, B, the pets, and move to the country.  The problem is that I think it may be perfect Barn House that has this effect on me and I am pretty sure the boys aren’t going anywhere.  Joe and Jermonne were gracious as all get out and gave us a tour of their idyllic country home.  This post is brimming over with photos…enjoy!  
Barn House: the Barn Sale

Barn House: The Home

Joe and Jermonne, 
Thank you for the morning and allowing the crazy camera woman into your lives.  

Warmly, Mrs. French

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