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liberty + target = yay!

February 26, 2010

awhile back i posted on my beloved sister’s trip to london. at the time i wasn’t able to divulge the main reason for the trip, but guess what? now i can (lord knows i hate to keep a secret). she was working on the campaign for this to-good-to-be-true collaboration…

liberty of london and target have teamed up and i am thrilled. this little sneak peek has me weak in the knees…not to mention, i think it is a pretty way to start the weekend. xo mrs. french

p.s. start seeing all of this prettiness in stores march 14!

jimena rios jewells

February 26, 2010

take a gander at these pretty, completely unique baubles…

the even more wonderful thing is that each and everyone of these lovelies comes from the same sweet shop. jimena rios jewells is one of the most wonderfully unique etsy shops i can think of and i am lucky enough to be sponsored by this brilliant shop. many times etsy shops tend to blend together, or have similarities at the very least…this is not the case with jimena rios. a shop that is like no other, carrying pieces that no one else can claim or copy. i love that! i am also tickled by the fact that many item shares a message…who doesn’t want a reminder to just to be happy. love it all! xo mrs. french


February 25, 2010

what is your lottery dream? come on we all have them. mine has been the same for as long as i can remember…no fancy cars, mansions or diamonds. i want to be surrounded in luxurious linens, the kind where getting out of be is not an option. i think i may have found my lottery linens: matteo. one of my new brilliant sponsors showed me the way…alice lane home collection featured matteo on its lovely blog and i have been obsessed ever since.
oh and yet another reason to road-trip to alice lane, they carry matteo linens. perfection!
xo mrs. french

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