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March 31, 2010

these beautiful pieces make everything about being a girl so much sweeter (that jane always finds the most wonderful things)…

minna hepburn makes magic with scottish lace, antique, and organic fabrics. i am not so sure you could feel anything but pretty when wearing one of minna’s frocks.

the tiny versions are just as lovely…

xo mrs. french

a beach house of our very own…

March 31, 2010

i talk about my desire for a new home quite a bit on bliss…actually, maybe too much. however, my dreams shift a bit every time i visit our beloved coast. i have been preoccupied with this even more so since we returned from our most recent getaway.

which is why this beautiful beach home had me lingering longer than usual…
i think it would do quite nicely. i find it interesting that i stumbled into this home via house beautiful on this particular day, at the particular moment my unnecessary need is at its highest. perhaps it is not so much of a coincidence at all…more of a sign…xo mrs. french

my happy place: jill’s pretty home

March 30, 2010

jill bent is one of my oldest and dearest blog friends (and lovely bliss sponsor). i have admired her beautiful, hand-made pieces, photography and beautiful blog since the very beginning. her elegance and un-fussy sense of taste is something i continue to strive for on a daily basis. the funny thing is that is all seems to come so naturally to her. i just knew her home would exhibit the same type of effortless elegance and i was so right…
thank goodness for the lovely poppytalk…i have been dying to see jill’s home and now i have in the most lovely way.

jill, when you have the time please stop by and help me with my little spot would you?
xo mrs. french

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