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inspirational dace

September 30, 2010

do you remember when i used to take pictures?  i do.  i remember when i couldn’t go a day without one of my cameras.  nowadays i find that more often than not the camera i grab is on my iphone.  my babies are so darn cute i need something fast, so i can send off the adorable to friends and family as soon as possible. in spite of this quick, fuss-free photography i do miss the more elaborate productions.  not so much that i feel the need to do take photos of my surroundings everyday, but so much that at times i am caught off guard; i see something particularirily inspirational and i have a little pang.  

this is what happened when i clicked into the dace fall 2010 gallery

i may be picking up the old real cameras sooner than later.  thank you lovely dace. xo mrs. french

wee wednesday: tipitipi

September 29, 2010

ok, just because i am back doesn’t me i am prompt…hehe.  

since my life, lately, is all about our beloved offspring i have decided to dedicate one sweet day per week to b and lu.  granted, they really can’t appreciate my posts at the moment, but i plan on featuring items i could decorate them with beautifully, or spaces they would love to be surrounded by, or objects for them to play with in their own special way. i am going to call it “wee wednesdays” and i am so excited.

this week it is my sincere pleasure to share the sweetest knits with you.  tipitipi is a spanish company specializing in yummy tees and bibs and i do believe my little lu should have one of each.  

not to mention their site has an addicting soundtrack…children laughing, wind chimes, frogs and farm animals.  i am listening to it right now.  i am such a sucker for pretty pictures surrounded by pleasant sounds…enjoy.  xo mrs. french

my happy place: a home in forest hill

September 28, 2010


hello dears, i have to say that my happy place today made me squeal a tiny bit.  it’s muted tones, tranquil lighting and quiet femininity have me packing my imaginary bags and moving in…oh how i wish.
i have a feeling you love it as much as i do.  xo mrs. french


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