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i heart the portland collection.

September 30, 2013

oh how i love today!  over the weekend, i stumbled into the 2013 portland collection from pendleton.  two of my very things coming together; pendleton, a true classic, celebrating the city that will forever occupy a place in my heart.  

i had to dedicate this week’s list to a line that continues to inspire me year after year…

i heart this dress, these pencils and this boot.

i heart this sweater, pillow cover, and bag.

i heart this coat, headband, and photograph.

i heart this sweater, rug, and boot.

i heart this coat, clock, and these pillows.

i heart this jacket, fan, and print.

i heart this dress, planter, and boot.

it only seems right that i should do my best to collect every single piece from this collection

xo mrs. french

a favorite home presented by one of my favorite people

September 27, 2013

hello blissful readers!

i cannot tell you how thrilled i am to introduce an extra post this week from tina jeffers.  tina spends her thursdays here on bliss sharing all things delicious…this week she is sharing a lovely home with us.  i have to tell you that i would so love for her to do both on a regular basis…love this gal! 

If only life could be as beautiful as the boards I curate on Pinterest.  Well sometimes it is.  Roughly a year ago I met Nicole at a workshop and we both expressed our love of Pinterest.  When I went home that day I made sure to follow her and over time came to realize that we shared very similar design aesthetics.  A few weeks ago I received an email from her inviting me to her house for tea.  I never expected when I accepted the invitation that I would be in for such a treat.  Nicole’s house is like one of my favorite pin boards come to life.  Every corner is filled with a lovely vignette begging to be photographed.  We talked and I mentioned that I would love to take some photos of her home to show Mrs. French and hopefully post on Bliss.  I must admit I was a little nervous since I have never photographed interiors but it was a delight to be invited into her lovely space.  

A big thanks to Mrs. French for letting me share something new with you!  

Enjoy the tour!

wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: style | grown-ups & littles

September 25, 2013

This week’s post is inspired by the moment I looked down this morning and realized Juliette and I were both rocking Minnetonka Moccasins. Dressing like your little one happens, in some cases often. Many days I realize we’re both sporting striped tees or the same color scheme. Here are some inspiring looks to inspire you…

 Lindsay & Juliette | Minnetonka Moccasins 

1. (Mama) Free People Dress & (Little Girl) Bobo Choses Dress 

2. (Papa) J. Crew Plaid for (Little One) Misha Lulu Lumberjack Sweater

3. (Mama) ASOS Parka (Baby) Zara Kids Overcoat with Hood


4. (Mama) Thief & Bandit Maxi Skirt (Baby) Thief & Bandit Baby Leggings

5. (Grown Up) Hello Apparel Arrows Tee (Little) Hello Apparel Arrows Tee


6. (Mama) Panel Sweatshirt (Little) Bobo Choses Knit Jumper


See you next week!

Xx Lindsay

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