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and we’re off!

June 21, 2014

i couldn’t possibly leave without saying goodbye…guess where the frenches are off to next? i will give you a hint:

iceland!!! for real! we head out on monday and will be away until the 4th.

i had thought of recruiting some of my favorites to fill in while i am away or post a heck of a lot before i leave…but then thought maybe a nice break would be nice. i will, hopefully pop in from time to time with pics and stories and there will be a ridiculous amount of photos on my instagram and i will be back for good on monday, the 7th…back with a spanking new bliss! we have been working on it for quite some time…so much excitement!

love to all!

xo mrs. french

stunning photos by: jeanine stewart, yury pustovoylarry d james, guilhem de cooman

the magic of nell waters bernegger

June 19, 2014

i have never been one to be drawn to the straightforward in photography. the mishaps, streaks and spots of lights…those are the things that intrigue, fascinate and inspire me.

which is why i find the work of nell waters bernegger so incredibly beautiful. she manages to capture this type of magic in her paintings so well…

that’s it…art, photography and all things special to me have to possess a little bit of magic. nell makes nothing short of magic.

xo mrs. french

wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Brand Love : Bonpoint

June 19, 2014

As anyone who knows me knows I’ve go weak in the knees for anything French. There’s something so unfussy about French style that I just j’adore. When it comes to kids clothes, the French classic style extends to their littlest. 

French favorite, Bonpoint has gorgeous timeless pieces, well made and so chic. Here are some looks to devenir fou pour (go crazy for)…

Xx Lindsay

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