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a danish apartment

September 30, 2014

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this danish apartment is just right; just the right amount of colors, washed out wood floors, and of course, white. however, the stunning art from room to room, shutters and french doors may just put me over the edge.

xo mrs. french

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i heart…

September 29, 2014

no. 1 | no. 2 | no. 3 | no. 4 | no. 5 | no. 6 | no. 7 | no. 8 | no. 9 | no. 10 | no. 11 | no. 12

monday. honestly, that’s all i really have to say about that. perhaps it’s all because i had such a nice weekend?

i am hoping this little list can help take the sting away a wee bit.

xo mrs. french


September 26, 2014

linkage take 3

1. honestly, the prettiest, yummiest apple pie i have set eyes on.

2. i can’t stop staring at this guy.

3. i won’t be left in the cold this winter…i decided to compile a little parka round-up.

4. i love her and her style.

5. this bedding is just too good.

6. my new favorite shoe i don’t have yet.

7. this dining room and actually the whole house is perfect.

8. the perfect peek of denim at milan fashion week.

nothing going on this weekend? not to fear here is a list of links to love on…

i plan on enjoying our beautiful autumn here in oregon…want a play by play? check out my instagram.

xo mrs. french

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