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one more day…

November 28, 2014


one more day…i am taking an extra day to reflect on this beautiful holiday centered around being thankful. this year, more than others, i need to reflect on exactly what it means to be filled to the brim with gratitude. rather than spending my day jumping from sale to sale online…i have been thinking of where i need to go this next year with all the beautiful things i have on the horizon. i also need to be in this moment right now…which is a pretty beautiful moment to be in. i

i want to take one more second to thank all of you for coming to see me as much as you can. you make everyday on this blog of mine truly remarkable…i feel so incredibly lucky coming back day after day sharing my idea of beautiful with all of you. xo

i can’t believe i haven’t filled one cart yet and it truly feels nice.

muwah! mrs. french


November 27, 2014


happy thanksgiving to all my friends from the us.

i also want to take this opportunity to say that i am simply thankful for all of you.

from the bottom of my bursting heart….

xo mrs. french

***i honestly can’t think of a more beautiful way to send a message on this holiday than by creating a juju. send a stunning message to all of those you are thankful for today.

new form perspective

November 27, 2014


it really has been entirely too long…it has been two years since i shared the work of gail travis, new form perspective. personally, i pop in all of the time but feel as if i have been keeping something too good all to myself as of late. so silly really…

and now with mavenhaus collective i have been popping in on my favorites more often.

i am thinking i may be offering up sort of a clue, along with gail’s beautiful designs…


if art and fashion were to be completely interchangeable nfp would be the perfect example.

i so, so hope you have a beautiful holiday.

xo mrs. french

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