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Black and White

January 31, 2015


Photo by Long Bach Nguyen

i have had the pleasure of perusing photographs for MHC all day…the upcoming offerings are too good. i have always had such a passion/appreciation for beautiful photography of all kinds. i am especially drawn to bw photography. which is why i was so taken with the post: top 10 most amazing black and white photos put out by top inspired.

i have decided to share a few with you here…do yourself a favor and take a look at the rest. such an inspirational way to start the weekend.


Photo by Raquel Chicheri


Photo by Michael Rajkovic

xo mrs. french

shop love…wilson and willy’s neighbor goods

January 30, 2015


i have never really discussed my midwest roots…one of my favorite spots to set up camp french was minneapolis/st. paul. we were happy to reside there for a little over 5 years…which is when the mister got the hankering to pack up and head west.

my sis/business partner still lives in st. paul…which you would think would be an excellent visit to head out east for a visit. that and the chance to pop into a new shop she has been raving about, wilson & willy’s neighbor goods. yet another shop dedicated to beautiful, timeless, well and responsibly made goods. these goods are made by some of my favorites: hackwith, susan connor new york and faribault woolen mill too name a few.

reminds me of another shop i know.

i am pretty sure i didn’t need an extra reason, but nice to have one regardless.

xo mrs. french


January 28, 2015



i am typically not one to jump on bandwagons or one most would consider trendy…however the pantone color of the year marsala is something i can get behind. i am thinking it’s not a fleeting fad when it is something i already love right? i had such a nice time compiling some of my favorite pins in order to create my take on this 2015 favorite.

the dace for mavenhaus collective samantha dress is our take on marsala and i have to say i think it couldn’t be prettier.

oh and the samantha will be gone in less than a week so don’t miss it…

marsala 2

xo mrs. french

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