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Chaplin Townhouse

June 30, 2015

001_CHAPLIN_oit keeps happening. i keep running into this completely stunning townhouse…so often, that i feel it only right that i share it here. now way i can visit it whenever i like.

this home belongs to julia chaplin of gypset and was thoughtfully renovated by ensemble architecture and i am obviously smitten.



chaplin house 1

chaplin house 4


chaplin house 5

you can find more photos and information here or here…i told you it was everywhere…

xo mrs. french

source: ensemble architecture, dpc

A blissful landscape…

June 29, 2015

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funny. when we purchased the new french abode we were incredibly excited about the prospect of a large yard. a few months in we came to the realization we do not like yard work, do not want to use up a ridiculous amount of valuable water in order to to keep the traditional grass green and did i mention we do not like yard work?

the solution? lots of rock, cement, potted plants, cactuses and other drought resistant plantings. after researching the topic a bit and gathering inspiring photographs, i can now safely say we are looking forward to the prospect of a beautiful, low maintenance landscape.

images such of these are the inspiration for our upcoming project…wish us luck…

7aa57250676a4a26b54d9ba4fdf46380light locations

d8bd3a80512dbe33cf40ed6a07331f28the brick house

9ac4be845baad689a7b5adca7c92c34ctarja’s snowland

55fc7ed08a40716d8de51499e1b961f7the style files

83848a009d26a037ef562732ead4c6b0a house in the hills


atrium-house-in-berlin-by-bfs-design-flodeau-com-131-e1378204244102owl’s house london

i have also been busy as a bee collection ideas on my latest pinterest board

xo mrs. french

mrs. french and kaufmann mercantile present the blissful outdoors..

June 26, 2015

summer collage

i’ll admit it. i have been a bit lax in my posting within the last couple of weeks…i have a perfectly wonderful reason for this: summer. summer is my favorite. i have been soaking up as much as possible and often times the days simply get away from me.

which is why i am thrilled to share my latest project with you all…a little collaboration i have been working on with with kaufmann mercantile. you may have noticed my intro on pinterest; a collaborative board entitled mrs. french and kaufmann mercantile present the blissful outdoors. all the best things about the best season…i could go on and on…

xo mrs. french

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