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July 31, 2015

unfortunately, due to the heat i may be spending too much time indoors this weekend. if you are in the same boat i thought it would be nice to give you a few clickable links i deem worthy of exploration…


these finalists blow me away…this one is my favorite by far.

Julie and Chelsa

these brilliant gals have created my new favorite cosmetic line…definitely a why-didn’t-i-think-of-that sort of thing.


beautiful ceramics always make my day.


this painting and the rest simply make me smile.


the prettiest darn juice shop i ever did see.


this artist, her process, and that slip dress.


this collaboration has me falling in love with silver all over again.


who knew succulent propagation could be so adorable?


ok, this last one is a tough one for me. i get a lump in my throat when i try to talk about it and tears in my eyes when i read about it. the story of cecil breaks my heart in a tiny million pieces. an animal story i could never share with my 4-year-old because i refuse to show her how ugly people can be…

it’s nice to know that when i simply can’t find the words jimmy can. he sums it up perfectly. in an attempt to find good in such ugliness, i also encourage you to read here and donate here (select “wildCRU in drop down list).

love to you and yours,

xo! mrs. french

Sponsored Post: Family Road Trip to Crater Lake (and a few tips as well)

July 30, 2015

crater lake 3 (1 of 1)

crater lake 4 (1 of 1)

crater lake 5 (1 of 1)

Hello all, some of you may remember that I am a brand ambassador for an amazing product presented by American Express. Launched last year, the Amex EveryDay Credit Card is a no-annual fee credit card designed for multi-taskers, and what better multi-taskers are there than moms? Right?

You earn 2x the points at grocery stores and 1x for every dollar you spend. Plus, it bonuses you 20% extra Membership Rewards points after making 20 or more purchases in a billing period.

This year the Amex EveryDay Card are doing their best to highlight the fact that the EveryDay can also mean taking time to be in the moment and truly appreciate #EveryDayMoments. The best way to do this is by adding the 3rd and ridiculously gorgeous member of this collaboration…America’s National Parks!

The Frenches kicked off the assignment by visiting a National Park that isn’t too terribly far away from our neck of the woods…Crater Lake! We had the pleasure of visiting a few years back, but still remain stunned by the natural beauty all around us…

Crater Lake

National Parks played a huge part in loving the EveryDay when I was small as well. My parents believed that loving and appreciating these gifts was a valuable part of growing up and I am so incredibly thankful. It is a tradition I plan on passing down to my little ones as well…

vscocam-photo-1 3

There is something so beautiful about watching the way children interact with nature….truly magical. As a multi-tasking momma, much of my days consist of regulating…keeping to a schedule, keeping things clean and organized, all of which I turn to in order to move things along smoothly. Which is exactly how I intended to participate in this trip as well. Then I had the realization the first night away, this is the perfect opportunity to just enjoy. We stayed up a bit later, got a bit dirtier and sometimes ate lunch in the afternoon and to be honest, I loved every second of it. My bubs loved it too. I can honestly say that they experienced the pure joy of being small. All that followed was a bit of that magic I had discussed previously…B and Lu didn’t fight, we didn’t argue and we all ate it up with a spoon.

crater lake fishing

In many ways we let the kids run the show. After all, children are in-the-moment experts. Crazy how what started as an assignment ended up being a life lesson. Crater Lake National Park proved to be the most perfect setting for this. Our National Parks are perhaps the one place where time truly does stand still. Whether you road trip across the country, or are fortunate enough to have one in your backyard, do yourself and your family a favor and take the time to visit immediately.

vscocam-photo-1 2

If my little soliloquy isn’t enough of an incentive, Amex EveryDay is kicking off their collaboration with National Parks with a contest that encourages people to share a photo and caption of their own #EveryDayMoments taken at any park, for a chance to win one of three trips to some spectacular National Parks:  National Mall and Memorial Parks (Washington, DC), Yosemite National Park (California) and Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona).

Click Here to Enter between July 30th and September 1st; terms apply.

This is part of a larger American Express initiative that will help encourage volunteering in America’s National Parks.

Let that magic begin!

xo Mrs. French

color and details

July 29, 2015


blue, turquoise, and green? i am in. this home not only speaks to me loudly…perhaps “bellows to me” may be a more appropriate choice of words. the home all on its own is lovely, but the details are magic.

i believe one of my largest issues with my own interior is looking past pieces as individual things and seeing them as part of a larger picture. the pieces in this space (previous home of photographer kristin lagerqvist) simply sing when combined under one roof.

handelsgatan-1-2552 handelsgatan-1-2581 handelsgatan-1-2695 handelsgatanx-1-3 handelsgatan-1-2644 handelsgatan-1-2650 handelsgatan-1-2674 handelsgatan-1-2509

this home also plays beautifully into my theory that art is truly everything and has me clamoring to create and outdoor space i fall in love with over and over again.

xo mrs. french

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