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A Holiday Breather and the Home of Kristin Lagerqvist

December 24, 2015


after thought and consideration…i have decided to take a few moments away from this blog of mine to take in moments with family over the holidays. i will be popping in on instagram and pinterest from time to time and of course, i would love to see you there.

before i step away for just a bit i had to share one more holiday home…

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that blue! such a beautiful spot to share the holiday with friends and family. this home belongs to swedish blogger kristin lagerqvist of krickelin blog. i do love the peeks into the spaces of my favorite bloggers…this one in particular.

i do hope you have a wonderful holiday season and will be set to share so many new and magical things in 2016. thank you so much for continuing to make what i do so worthwhile…i would love to say that i feel incredibly lucky…however, this is such an understatement.

love to you and yours.

xo mrs. french

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A Festive Swedish Retreat

December 22, 2015


well, it just so happens that i am running around like a crazy person this week…despite the countless reminders, the holiday has snuck up on me (yet again). my house is not as festive as i would like…next year right?

in the mean time this one has captured the holiday perfectly. a swedish retreat that has all the perfect holiday touches…not too much…just right.











next year will be different at the french residence over the holidays…wreaths, berries, and twinkly lights a plenty.

xo mrs. french

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Friday Pins: Pine

December 19, 2015


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the holiday spirit is thick around these parts…i am pretty sure that nothing makes it feel this way more than beautiful pine. i had been a bit bah humbuggish until we put our tree up…something about twinkly lights and the smell of these gorgeous trees makes my heart about ready to burst. which is why it seemed more than appropriate to dedicate my friday pins to such a worthy subject.

xo mrs. french

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