January 5, 2016

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i had elaborate plans to come into this year a swinging…resolutions-o-plenty.

i don’t know about you, i find resolutions to be a bit intimidating. hence the post today that should have been yesterday. honestly, i lay awake last night trying to put my upcoming hopes for this year into perfect little categories, elegantly written…even a collage or two…i got nada.

it hit me today, this year i am not able to come up with a list of resolutions because my hopes for this year revolve around one thing…tolerance. i want to be tolerant of myself and those around me. i have been plenty hard on both. which has caused a tremendous amount of guilt and apathy; taking away from the ability to love myself and be the empathetic woman i used to be. trust me tolerance, embodies a ridiculous amount of other characteristics and goals i hope to achieve…but when i look at it as simply one word, it seems completely doable.

typically, i try to stay away from the overshare moments on this blog of mine, but part of tolerating myself will definitely be about more of my everyday…peeks into my less than perfect life and perhaps a personal photo here or there. of course, 2016 will also be all about the bliss i bump into on a daily basis…fashion, home interiors, photography and artists that make me all weak in the knees.

i say it often, but it never seems like enough…thank you. thank you for making your presence known or lurking quietly on this space that has come to be a part of my home…i began this journey in 2008 and look forward to growing from it and bringing all of you with me.

xo mrs. french

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  • Melissa de la Fuente

    I couldn’t agree more,so well put and wishing you a very happy new year,sweet gal!

  • Simone

    Tolerance is something I feel I’m losing as I get older and it doesn’t sit well with me. I, like you will be seeking this out again…good luck in your search and keep on making me happy with your blog and pins!

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