Oh Isabel…

February 4, 2016


oh isabel. isabel marant’s pre-fall collection is plum full of classics in the making. i had never thought i needed so many pairs of brightly colored boots-“the colors of legos” she said…makes me smile from ear to ear.

is it wrong to want one of each?

02-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 03-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 05-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 06-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 08-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook10-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 11-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 13-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 14-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 15-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 16-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 18-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 19-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook 20-isabel-marant-pre-fall-2016-lookbook

and can we please be serious about those victorian blouses? and grey…somehow i think this collection is just for me…

xo mrs. french

source: vogue


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