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Beklina Spring Favorites…and Rugs!

March 31, 2016


  1. lina rennell silk robe 
  2. kowtow etched dress
  3. ace & jig play suit
  4. apiece apart glorietta square neck top
  5. lina rennell basic pant
  6. lina rennell cashmere top
  7. apiece apart condesa top
  8. apiece apart rafaela dress

i do believe spring maybe my favorite season. i typically think of myself as more of a sweater and boots kind of gal, but then i get a peek into what my favorite designers have been up to and then my way of thinking shifts quickly to flowy dresses, sandals, gauzy tops and so on.

i love the fact that i can find so many of these designers at beklina. beklina is a beloved sponsor that started as a goto shop for all things covetable. this spring i am having a hard time narrowing it down and then there are the rugs…oh my!


goodness, i love beklina.

xo mrs. french


March 30, 2016


i had a chat with a friend the other day, i acquiesced in the thought that i may not get to everything i had thought i would in my 20’s. back then i thought there was plenty of time for it all…i thought that i always had time to move to a larger city, a city with blocks of brownstones. of course, i would live in one of my very own.

my someday brownstone has become a small ranch in a mountain town..which is lovely in and of itself. i have now chosen to love brownstones from afar…my recent admiration falls upon this one brought to you by the architectural design firm buck projects.

static1.squarespace-2 static1.squarespace-3 static1.squarespace-4 static1.squarespace-6 static1.squarespace-8 static1.squarespace-9 static1.squarespace-10 static1.squarespace static1.squarespace-11forget it, maybe there is a chance after all…

xo mrs. french


oh and do take the time to peruse the sketches of brent allen buck…art all on its own.

Vanessa Bruno Summer 2016

March 29, 2016

i have been loving on all things vanessa bruno for what seems like forever…doesn’t everyone have a thing for romantic, slightly bohemian and all french?

the summer 16 collection checks all these boxes and more…still in love…

photoA-2 photoA-5 photoA-11 photoA-13 photoA-17

i hope your tuesday has been fantastic!

xo mrs. french

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