Paloma and The Awesome Project

April 22, 2016


the beauty of being a blog editor is the ability to make decisions or in this case, the prerogative to not make a decision. i wasn’t able to choose between the latest from paloma wool and the awesome project created by illustrator madalina andronic…so i chose to share both. the occasion? a welcome to a beautiful spring weekend.

paloma wool is a long time bliss favorite. this line is based in barcelona and consists of forever items i am itching to add to my wardrobe. the colors used in paloma’s goya pieces just happen to be exactly what i am into at the moment.

the awesome project by illustrator madalina andronic turns porcelain into something even more wonderful:

An experimental journey of the multidisciplinary illustrator Madalina Andronic through the awesome milky-silky world of porcelain, with a touch of Romanian folklore. The wish is to create heart-to-heart, beautifully adorned decorative objects for individuals and homes. All the pieces are designed and hand-decorated individually, using porcelain, underglaze colours, stoneware glazes and love.

loving it all and loving both paloma and the awesome project in the same post…


the perfect couple.

xo mrs. french

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