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April 28, 2016

when a i stop dead in my tracks it’s typically a sign…a sign i have to share. first, i stumbled into the elysian edit today…a new-to-me website that is simply beautiful. i had to know where it came from and to no surprise i found out the gal behind it is as lovely as the site…jessica commingore. jessica is a designer and creative director and a pinterest maven i am in awe of.

this space is featured on elysian edit and i am completely smitten…nothing fancy, but everything just right…

TheElysianEdit-GlassellPark-BoatHouse-2 TheElysianEdit-GlassellPark-BoatHouse-19 TheElysianEdit-GlassellPark-BoatHouse-22 TheElysianEdit-GlassellPark-BoatHouse-24 TheElysianEdit-GlassellPark-BoatHouse-29

a refreshing way to finish up my thursday…

xo mrs. french

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  • Carrie Martin

    Any leads on where to find a poster like the one here?? The “Lavez les mains” one? Need it!! Thanks!

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