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Love Tanjane

May 31, 2016


without warning summer is full-on here this week. of course i am not complaining, however, i am not sure i am ready for the crazy heat that comes with it. i have done my best to stay away from shorts over the year, so this time of year i turn to dresses, tunics and caftans; truly the most beautiful way to stay cool.

it just so happens that one of my beloved sponsors creates and sells some of the most beautiful of all of these. love tanjane in ojai have beautiful caftans, tunics and tops all hand dyed and created in beautiful ojai. designer sonia erneux had the vision of a line inspired by european sexiness, with the perfect amount of california ease and i do believe she has manage to create one in love tanjane.

i am so incredibly lucky to have love tanjane as a loyal bliss sponsor and would be thrilled to fill my closet with one of each of love tanjane’s beautifully designed and crafted items.

xo mrs. french

Photographers’ Home in Stockholm

May 26, 2016

photographers are known for attention to detail and having that eye. a “good eye” typically means fantastic taste…which is obviously the case in this stockholm home which actually belongs to two photographers, kalle gustafsson and sara bille; as you can see, twice the taste.

it’s always the little things right? it this case i believe it is all the things…


i thought it maybe fun to share sources for a few of the items in my interior posts…if you are like me, you want to know how to add bits and pieces of beautiful spaces in your own surroundings…tada!

xo mrs. french

via: the style files

source: elle decoration

I Would Wear That…White Sneakers.

May 25, 2016


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i guess you could call this one of my most practical posts. i love sneakers, i wear them on almost a daily basis and typically, they are incredibly comfortable. on my most recent city getaway i wore nothing else…an added bonus is that at the moment sneakers are considered quite fashionable. i have made my way through a number of colors, however, now all i am craving is white. these street style images have me wanting to run out and grab just the right pair immediately.

i could never leave you hanging…i have decided to compile some of my favorites here, feel free to click and shop:

xo mrs. french

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