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Friday Pins

March 24, 2017

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oh my! the lovely things i have been bumping into this week on pinterest are truly magical. i think the thing that delights me the most are the bits of spring i see creeping in. it is my pleasure to share some with you today in this post…enjoy!

i will be hitting the road next week for spring break! i am so excited to share…

xo mrs. french

K + R Ceramics

March 23, 2017

one of my favorite boards on pinterest is my ceramic perfection board. amongst the beautiful pins on this favorite board of mine k + r is responsible for so many of them. k & r represents kat hutter and roger lee, the dynamic duo behind all of these beautiful pieces. roger is the ceramicist and kat is the painter and i love what happens with they come together.

unlike anything else i have seen and really so darn good.

xo mrs. french

A Midcentury Masterpiece by Robin Boyd

March 22, 2017

i feature many home interiors her on bliss…i love them all, i really do. often times the homes i choose are based a great deal on furnishings, artwork or interior baubles. this home, on the other hand, i am so completely in love with the midcentury architecture. this home was designed by architect robin boyd, a legend in the world of australian architecture.

i am obsessed.

xo mrs. french

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