Maria Stanley SS17

April 13, 2017

can i please be frank? i am completely disappointed in the current season. spring is something i wait patiently for starting in fall…actually, i am not too patient about the whole season thing. i know that spring is rarely predictable, especially in oregon, however, year after year i expect warmth, sun and more of a summer feel. this year our spring has been grey, grey, grey, cold and rainy and i am done.

the maria stanley spring 2017 is more of a representation of how i feel real spring should be. of course, this newish label is based in los angeles so the warmer temps and sunnier skies are a given…perhaps, if things don’t start to change around here i will just go there? and now it seems i have some lovely pieces to wear when i do so. thank you maria stanley.


xo mrs. french


  • Liisi

    There are so many things in this post I want to wear…

    I know how you feel about spring! It is horrible! It snowed here yesterday, a lot. And a week ago it was so warm and nice. It is so dissapointing. (To be honest, it has snowed and melted since Thursday.)

  • Maria

    Thank you lovely lady!! xoxo

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