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June 27, 2018

i admire an amazing portrait artist…to me, there is something so stunning about a beautiful portrait. i also feel as if the portrait does not need to be of anyone in particular, often times an abstract portrait can be more powerful.

portrait artist

such is the case with the portrait work of guðrið syderbø aka gurilla; a truly magical artist/graphic designer from the faroe islands. i love how each portrait is reminiscent of a beautiful dream…blurred out, yet incredibly detailed.

i have had the pleasure of featuring many artists on bliss, but this one maybe a favorite…i love that each of the pieces could be interpreted differently. each of us could be reminded of someone after glimpsing one of guðrið syderbø’s portraits…truly, my type of art.

xo mrs. french

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I Heart Tuesday.

June 26, 2018

i heart tuesday (one day i will make it on a monday!). i had a ton of fun putting this list together…obviously feeling a paler hue today…

i heart

  1. la chemise covered button shirt
  2. baba souk moroccan rug
  3. west end accents hutch pillow cover
  4. winston white daydreamer linen dress
  5. mid-century modern crane sculpture set
  6. ozma vera playsuit
  7. susie metal storage cart
  8. bernardo harlow heeled sandals
  9. baggu leather keychain

sometimes quiet is beautiful…yes?

i may declare june my very favorite month. i am loving these warmish days and cooler evenings. is it terrible that i can’t help but dread the next change of season? we are headed out of town and then the true countdown to the end of summer is on. darn pessimism. i will do my best to love each and every second of these beautiful summer days…i so hope you do as well.

please take some time to take a peek at this outfit and this home.

xo mrs. french


Thursday’s Look

June 21, 2018

are you like me? still looking for summer outfit ideas? thank goodness for thursday’s look right?

summer outfit ideas

  1. mango satin gown
  2. k. jacques epicure sandals
  3. anne grand-clément medium pouch
  4. lizzie fortunato meteor earrings

it is always a little difficult for me to spend large amounts on items for a specific occasion…especially ones that requires me to dress up. which is why this satin dress appeals to me greatly. the price point is perfect. the sandals are on the pricey side, but i can see myself wearing these pretty much every day over weather-appropriate spring/summer months. granted the pouch and earrings are a bit fancier, but i would love to pair them with a tee, jeans and flip-flops for a cool casual look.

i do love summer way too much and the clothing to for right along with it.

xo mrs. french




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