Holly Addi

December 7, 2016

i have been spending way too much time on instagram as of late…i feel as if i once dabbled on it every now and then and now i can’t seem to get enough. why? for the inspiration of course! obviously, i love checking in on friends and fellow friends and bloggers, however, as of late it is all about the talented artists i find through another.

at the moment i am so infatuated with the work of holly addi. today i got lost in her lookbook so i had to share…

i had to make this post longer than i would have thought simply because i love it all.

xo mrs. french

all photos taken from holly’s website or lookbook….do yourself a favor and get lost in all of it for awhile.

xo mrs. french

Instagram Favorites Wishlist Vol. 4

December 1, 2016

  1. kathleen whitaker tourmaline stick pin
  2. micaela greg beret
  3. this is totem pom pom blanket
  4. mt. washington pottery peace bell

day 4 maybe my favorite day of all. i hope you love it as much as i do.

xo mrs. french

Instagram Favorites Wishlist Vol. 3

November 30, 2016


  1. pallarés solon navaja folding knife from quitokeeto
  2. vrai & oro trillion diamond ring
  3. h & h handmade green dip dye ombre ceramic bowl
  4. rennes sabine wallet 

day 3 instagram favorites wishlist! here you go beautiful friends!

xo mrs. french

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