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Fringe & Fettle X Mavenhaus Collective

August 11, 2015

no surprise…my love for beautiful ceramics is deep. without trying, i have managed to gather quite the collection. a collection of both new and vintage pieces that speak to me in some way.

fringe & fettle out of saint paul is responsible for so many of the pieces i feel i need to add to my collection. which is why i contacted to joanna buyert for our latest mavenhaus collective collaboration. joanna is the ceramicist behind fringe and fettle and everything she does is spot on.

thank goodness she agreed to do a capsule only available through mavenhaus
heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-7-product-231-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-7-product-258-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-7-product-262-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-7-product-282-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-7-439-highRes
these pieces are meant to be heirlooms. each item is crafted lovingly by joanna and possesses a graceful type of beauty that begs to be held.

unique in every way.

also, keep in mind these items make beautiful gifts…reserve yours now and they will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays.

xo mrs. french

NFP X Mavenhaus Collective

August 3, 2015

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-431-highResno words. ok, maybe a few…

a few years back i was introduced to gail travis and her line new form perspective (nfp). it was one of those editor moments we all search for in this wide world of blogging. i had never seen anything like gail’s designs…i instantly became nfp’s most devoted fan.

i am giddy to introduce you to our latest collaboration at mavenhaus collective…nfp!

the designs do truly speak for themselves, however, i there is so much more to them than you see here. proceed over to mavenhaus to truly take in what i mean…and make sure to click through to the videos.

heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-610-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-309-highRes heavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-361-highResheavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-607-highResheavenmcarthur-mavenhaus-shoot-6-533-highResversatility is an understatement. amazing how pieces that take up so little room in a closet can check so many boxes.

xo mrs. french

Rabens Saloner AW15

July 27, 2015


rarely do i happen upon a collection as complete as rabens saloner aw15. for those of you unfamiliar, birgitte raben olrik is a designer out of copenhagen that i have fallen in love with.

there is definitely a perfect east meets west sensibility…i find rabens saloner to be a label that is incredibly special and wearable.

rabens-aw15-day03_-17-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-45-10-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-21-500x750-1 rabens-aw15-day02-50-15-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-33-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-16-22-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-4-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-11-4-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-51-13-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-73-17-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-19-24-500x750-1 rabens-aw15-day02-61-15-500x750 rabens-aw15-day04_11-45-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-19-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-3-1-500x750 rabens-aw15-day02-22-19-500x750 rabens-aw15-day03_-18-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-80-2-500x750 rabens-aw15-day01-17-19-500x750-1

a complete and beautiful AW wardrobe and this is only a sampling…so much more over on the rabens saloner site. take a peek.

at the moment it isn’t as easy as i would like to own as much as i like, but huset carries a nice selection…

have a beautiful monday.

xo mrs. french

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