Sponsored: Unpredictable Gift Essentials for the Whole Family

December 16, 2015

my list

  1. Heavyweight Burgundy Linen Scarf
  2. Debbie Carlos Flower Poster
  3. Ohhio’s Grande Punto Blanket
  4. Quin Cherry Cola Gumdrops
  5. Oval Silver Leafed Mirror

Rumor has it the holiday season is upon us…of course, the gift giving season snuck up on me yet again. Surprised yes, but also savvier than usual because I will be taking full advantage of the benefits of the Amex EveryDay Credit Card. I love it when partnerships on bliss are especially relevant to how I live my life everyday…such is the case of my partnership with Amex.

The holidays can sting a bit financially, no matter how prepared you feel. However, if you use the right credit card, you can earn rewards points to get something back for all that spending. Personally, I choose Amex EveryDay, which earns Membership Rewards® points for every dollar I spend — and for no annual fee! You also earn 2x the points at U.S. grocery stores, and it bonuses you 20% extra Membership Rewards points after making 20 or more purchases in a billing period!

As of late, retailers have also done their best to help with the holiday financial pinch…so many of my favorites are offering discounts now on many of my favorite gift-giving items. This can make it hard when it comes to returns. Thankfully Amex EveryDay comes with Return Protection, which refunds the entire purchase price - up to $300 per item - if you try to return an eligible item within 90 days from the date of purchase and the merchant won’t take it back! Which makes sale items a win/win type situation.

In the midst of all the gifting, Amex and myself would love for you to take a step back and truly enjoy the warmth and love that fill this time of year. The #EveryDayMoments during this time are always a little bit sweeter.

The warmth is thankfully predictable, however, there is no reason your gifts (both given and received) need to be. This list of 20 focuses on the gifts that delight and surprise in the best way. I personally believe that the best gifts are the gifts that you will not find on lists. I do hope you enjoy my unpredictable gift picks…

k gift

  1. Classic Brass Knob Keychain
  2. Best Made Company Belgian Dart Set
  3. The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide
  4. Misc Goods Co Ceramic Flask
  5. sold out at Alder & Co (similar found here)

gifts for my son

  1. Mountain Boy Sledworks Slalom Sled
  2. Scratch Travel Journal
  3. Stick-lets
  4. Bigshot Camera
  5. Audubon Field Guide Series

lu gift

  1. Lennebelle Rainbow Daughter Bracelet
  2. Erika Barratt Design Talulah
  3. Bamboo Globe
  4. Sunprint Kit
  5. sold out at Alder & Co (similar found here)

xo mrs. french

I was selected by American Express to help educate consumers about the Amex EveryDay Credit Card. As such, I was paid for my services, but tips and opinions shared about and American Express and the Amex EveryDay Credit Card are my own.

wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine | Welkin

July 23, 2014


I’m so excited to share this fantastic Brooklyn based brand with you, Welkin NYC. They’re from my neck of the woods so I jumped at the chance to stock them at Darling Clementine. Here’s a peek at their Summer capsule collection, available in limited quantities on their site, or in my shop. That skirt!



Xx Lindsay

wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Brand Love : Bonpoint

June 19, 2014

As anyone who knows me knows I’ve go weak in the knees for anything French. There’s something so unfussy about French style that I just j’adore. When it comes to kids clothes, the French classic style extends to their littlest. 

French favorite, Bonpoint has gorgeous timeless pieces, well made and so chic. Here are some looks to devenir fou pour (go crazy for)…

Xx Lindsay

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